Image of the Skylark Home (changes dynamically)

The Home

There's no need to travel west to Colorado or Montana to enjoy a Rocky Mountains view! This meticulously crafted architectural home on Whitetail Ridge, 8 miles north of Silver Bay, offers eagle's eye views of Lake Superior and a 300 degree view of the horizon.

The home, christened "Skylark" by its owners, was designed by Minnesota architect David Salmela, internationally known for his artful marriage of modernist and traditional Scandinavian forms. Salmela is the recipient of 16 national awards since 1985, including two prestigious American Institute of Architects Honor Awards in 2005. His work is described in the book Salmela Architect, by David Fisher (2005). The home is featured in the chapter entitled "Koehler Retreat - Frames and Framing."

Skylark is anchored to ledge rock and rests on a very scenic 6.7 acre ridgetop lot. The home was built by Brad and Curt Holmes, acclaimed for their exquisitely detailed work in collaborations with David Salmela. It has 4 bedrooms, 4 baths and 4,000 square feet of finished space. First quality materials were used throughout: "H" windows, beautiful hardwood ceilings and floors, integrated maple cabinets, drawers and shelving; cypress and slate exterior siding.

Walking onto the deck that opens off the living room and projects into space, the feeling is that of floating high and noiselessly above the countryside. At night, your closest neighbor is the ancient moon as it traverses the sky over Lake Superior.